California Life Sciences (CLS) is the state’s largest and most influential life sciences advocacy and business leadership organization. With offices in Sacramento, San Diego, South San Francisco, Los Angeles and Washington DC, CLS works closely with industry, government and academia to shape public policy, improve access to innovative technologies and grow California’s life sciences economy.

CLS members represent the diverse organizations required to support a productive and innovative life science cluster. These organizations range from some of the world’s most promising entrepreneurial start-ups to the top global life science companies, as well as leading research institutions and the industry’s most seasoned investors. In addition to diversity in size, our members also represent the full spectrum of life sciences, including biotechnology, medical device and diagnostic companies that are advancing medicine; digital health innovators blending technology and medicine to transform healthcare; agricultural companies improving food outputs; and bioindustrial organizations energizing the world.

Our Purpose

California Life Sciences advances California’s world-leading life sciences innovation ecosystem by advocating for effective national, state and local public policies and supporting entrepreneurs and life sciences businesses.

We Bring Together California’s Rich History and Culture of Innovation and Success that Doesn’t Exist Anywhere Else in the World

California is home to the largest concentration of life sciences organizations in the world and continues to lead in life sciences patents, new start-ups, venture capital, and NIH grant recipients. The state directly employs 481,888 people, with average annual earnings of $117,333, and indirectly employs another 930,000. This results in more than 1.4 million people employed due to life sciences innovation within California.

We drive the incredible pace of innovation, more than any other U.S. state by at least 25%, with investments in STEM education, entrepreneurship and workforce development initiatives, diversity and leadership and a business climate that is leading the life sciences ecosystem! The state is the home of firsts for the life sciences industry –the first biotech public offering, the first companion diagnostic company, the first one-pill and once-a-day product to treat HIV/AIDS, the first FDA-approved transcatheter aortic valve implantation device, the first ingestible sensor for medication adherence, and pioneering gene editing techniques – just to name a few.