DEI Subcommittee

CLS’s DEI Committee is responsible for ensuring continuing progress toward the vision of CLS’s DEI efforts. The Committee will set priorities and provide guidance to CLS in the design and implementation of a portfolio of partnership, programs and resources to help CLS members, and the broader life sciences ecosystem, meet the needs of and reflect the diverse communities they serve, recognizing that truly effective equity and diversity work is never finished. The Committee will ensure that DEI activities are closely aligned with CLS’s strategic priorities and responsive to the diverse needs and capabilities of CLS members. The Committee will actively encourage CLS members to participate in and contribute to these activities. In recommending new programs and partnerships, the Committee will consider and seek to address the resource implications of these activities.

Health Equity and Talent Working Groups

These two working groups are comprised of healthcare subject matter experts and community stakeholders who advocate for diversity, equity, and inclusion for historically underserved communities. Working group activities will include the development of an annual action plan focused on the following activities:

  • Help source partnerships and programs that CLS can engage and amplify as part of our DEI network, specifically around our “areas of focus”
  • Identify opportunities for CLS to engage complementary organizations to conduct educational-type events
  • Collaborate with other member organizations on aligned activities, learnings and best practices
  • Provide direction and counsel regarding CLS’s Inclusive Leadership Symposium, including but not limited to thought leaders, format, themes, attendee recruitment, sponsorship
  • Serve as a communications vehicle for CLS, helping to develop the tone and method for DEI content

If you are interested in participating or learning more, please contact Stacey Bowlin at [email protected].