Gail Maderis

Gail Maderis is President & CEO of Antiva Biosciences, a venture-backed biopharmaceutical company pioneering topical antiviral therapies against HPV. Previously, Ms. Maderis led BayBio, Northern California’s life science industry organization. From 2003-2009, she served as President and CEO of Five Prime Therapeutics, a protein discovery company focused on immuno-oncology. Ms. Maderis held senior executive positions at Genzyme Corporation, including founder and president of Genzyme Molecular Oncology (GZMO). She currently serves on the boards of Valitor and BIO, and is a Trustee of the U.C. Berkeley Foundation. In 2018, Ms. Maderis was named one of the Most Admired CEOs by the SF Business Times. She received a BS in business from UC Berkeley and an MBA from Harvard Business School.