Julie Harness, PhD, Senior Director, Innovation Services

Julie Harness runs the FAST advisory program and the International FAST program. She is the PI on CLS’s CARB-X subaward to support companies under consideration for inclusion in the portfolio and for a subset of those that have received a CARB-X financial award. CARB-X, supported by ASPR, BARDA, NIH, UKaid, the Wellcome Trust and the Gates Foundation to the tune of over $500M, is the largest public-private partnership focused on combatting anti-microbial resistance. Prior to joining CLS, Julie consulted for various bay area and international life sciences companies in areas such as business development operations and strategy, partnerships, acquisition target identification, diligence and landscape analyses. Julie also gained direct entrepreneurial experience as founder and CEO of Cybelle Biosciences, where she created a human stem cell population for Huntington’s Disease cell therapy. Julie completed her BA in Psychology, Biological Sciences at SJSU, Postbac in the Bioengineering Dept at UPenn, PhD in the Interdepartmental Neuroscience Program at UCI and Postdoc in Neuro-Oncology in the UCSF Neurosurgery Dept.