Updates on Local Health Orders: San Francisco and Los Angeles County


California Life Sciences (CLS) continues to monitor health orders across the state of California to understand the possible impact on our member companies and constituents. Two health orders that have been released recently impact San Francisco and Los Angeles Counties employers and healthcare workers.

San Francisco Health Order Requires Vaccination in Certain Indoor Settings

San Francisco introduced a health order on August 12th that will require residents and visitors to prove that they are fully vaccinated against COVID-19 for several indoor activities such as visiting restaurants, bars, and gyms. The order will require businesses to verify vaccination status prior to entry. For those of you who have cafeterias or food services in your SF office/facility the order requires those who sit down and consume food, as well as food service employees if employed by your company, to show proof of vaccination. If food or beverages are ordered and taken to go, no proof of vaccination is required. Currently, there is not a mandate that requires office workers to show proof of vaccination while working indoors but there is the existing indoor mask mandate that was set forth in July. This order has been in effect since August 20. A copy of the order can be found here


Certain Los Angeles County Healthcare Workers Required to be Vaccinated in Recent Health Order

Los Angeles County issued a health order today that requires all health facility workers and contractors who provide services or work in facilities to be vaccinated by September 30th. The focus is on RCFE’s, adult day care centers, hospice facilities, etc., essentially where the elderly and disabled populations are treated or reside. CLS is flagging this item because ambulatory surgery centers, clinics, and doctor offices are also included in the order. CLS is concerned that some member companies where employees, specifically those who connect with physicians in their offices on a regular basis to sell or discuss products, who go into surgeries, or who repair equipment, could be affected by the order. For the order please click here.