Health Equity

We believe historically excluded populations should have equitable access to and coverage of care.

California Life Sciences, on behalf of our members, will:

  • Advocate for and support legislation and other public options which provide coverage for the underinsured which tends to disproportionately affect our BIPOC populations
  • Review current and future policy proposals for their impact to Inclusion, Diversity, Equity and Access (IDEA)
  • Increase focus on and build awareness of unmet clinical needs in BIPOC populations
  • Through the Racial and Social Equity Initiative, inventory and publish a list of telehealth providers in California
  • Advocate for and support policy and legislation to reimburse telehealth services and expand access to free and low-cost broadband and devices that support platforms for telehealth
  • Through the Racial and Social Equity Initiative, provide resources, including best practices, to help companies, especially startups, support and access diverse clinical populations and clinical trial sites
  • Partner with Johnson & Johnson and the Schools of Nursing at Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCU) to train and advocate member companies to hire more nurse clinical trial coordinators and principal investigators from diverse communities
  • Support the FDA’s Enhancing the Diversity of Clinical Trial Populations Guidance for Industry published in November 2020 and encourage member organizations to adopt its provisions
  • Contribute to a best practice playbook to improve service-provision to historically excluded communities such as through community clinics, etc.

Annual Metrics

  • Track legislation that promotes coverage and reimbursement of care, including telehealth resources and access to digital connectivity
  • Track utilization of telehealth resources by BIPOC populations
  • Track POC populations in clinical trials, where appropriate
  • Track BIPOC investigator and site coordinator roles in clinical trials

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