Talent Pipeline

CLS on behalf of our members, will:

  • Advocate for and work with federal, state, local partners, and member companies to increase funding sources for life sciences education for underrepresented populations
  • Work with and forge partnerships between the industry and academic community to develop and/or promote high-impact, mutually beneficial programs for underrepresented students that increase awareness, education, and hands-on skills in life sciences
  • Identify and promote competitions, scholarships, internships, apprenticeships, and sponsorships that increase career opportunities for underrepresented populations
  • Fund through the Racial and Social Equity Initiative at least 10 internships for underrepresented populations per year at small or mid-size member companies, utilizing partner organizations such as NexGeneGirls, Preuss School, Young Community
  • Developers, and Year-Up, etc.; challenge our member companies to increase their current number of internships for underrepresented students
  • Work with academic, and industry partners, to promote technical programs that increase hands-on skills among our underrepresented populations and accelerate the path to employment via certifications, associate degrees, or other programs
    Increase employment opportunities for underrepresented populations that complete technical program and other non-traditional life science education programs
  • Work with our member companies to increase recruiting and hiring from underrepresented communities:
    1. Re-examine and reform education-level hiring criteria that automatically exclude large numbers of individuals from underrepresented populations
    2. Build diverse interview teams, at a minimum to include racially/ethnically diverse male and female interviewers
    3. Require/Build diverse slates for each open position including gender-diverse, ethnically- and/or age-diverse candidates
    4. Access known or additional diverse talent resources and recruiters, hire engines and universities/colleges that focus on these diverse slates for this purpose
    5. Pilot the UCSF and CCSF Inclusive Research Mentoring program or similar programs to train managers and leadership to mentor high-potential talent from underrepresented populations
  • Develop a high potential talent leadership program for life sciences managers from underrepresented populations to accelerate their development into leadership positions in member companies across California
  • Identify and share development best practices, programs and resources recommended by other life sciences organizations to remove unconscious biases or systemic gaps and improve the retention and advancement of underrepresented populations

Annual Metrics

  • Increase in funding sources for life sciences education and scholarships for underrepresented populations
  • Increase in the number of member companies who create paid internships for underrepresented population with a goal to grow a minimum of 50 new internships each year
  • Increase in the number of life sciences scholarships funded for underrepresented populations with a goal to grow a minimum of 10 new scholarships each year
  • The Racial and Social Equity Initiative funds at least 10 individuals in internships with our small- or mid-size member companies
  • Fund digital campaigns to increase access to computers and broadband for underrepresented populations
    Report on internships, apprenticeship, scholarship, and sponsorship growth for underrepresented populations within member companies
  • Report on the number of high school and higher education students from underrepresented population who complete a life sciences-focused education or training program and/or choose life sciences as a course of study
  • Report aggregate data (with requisite confidentiality for each member company) on employment, promotion, and retention of underrepresented populations by member companies
  • Report on underrepresented populations participating in high-impact programs (e.g. mentorships, HIPO training) implemented by member companies
  • Secure commitment from at least 10 CLS member companies before the end of 2021 to pilot the UCSF/CCSF Inclusive research mentoring program
  • Launch inaugural high-potential leadership development program

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