United around purpose, California Life Sciences connects business and workforce leaders, as well as the academic community, to develop and implement strategies and best practices that elevate talent, accelerate change, cultivate skills, foster inclusivity, promote productivity and create employment opportunities in the life sciences.

CLS provides a full slate of professional development offerings for employees and other professionals who seek to build their skills in the life sciences industry, and for employers seeking to develop and retain their staff. We also provide insights into the most pressing talent needs of the California life sciences industry.

Professional Development Courses

Biotech Primer

Forward-thinking, non-science professionals, whose products or services are tied to the industry recognize the importance of improving their skills and competencies by increasing their knowledge of scientific concepts. Biotech Primer builds on its extensive experience to facilitate learning in a quick, easy-to-understand manner.

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Leadership Edge

The Leadership Edge is a catalyst for empowering people worldwide to continually make positive changes in their personal and professional lives. Great science or technology alone doesn’t make a great company. To turn an innovative concept into a business reality, you need leadership and commercial competence.

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2021 California Workforce Trends in the Life Science Industry Report

To ensure that academic and training organizations respond to the industry’s evolving hiring and talent needs, CLS conducts biennial workforce trends analyses. These reports provide key data that demonstrates the industry’s job growth engine to public officials, helps steer training dollars towards industry hiring needs, and informs curriculum and professional development.

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