Policies and policy areas that have a health equity orientation are being used with the aim of reducing health disparities and to illustrate contemporary approaches that can be applied broadly to a variety of program areas to advance health equity.

CLS Health Equity Policy Priorities

Equitable Access to Medicines, Devices, and Diagnostics

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Clinical Trial Diversity Policy

Social determinants

Social Determinants of Health

Mitigating Algorithmic Bias in Artificial Intelligence (AI)

How CLS Members are Advancing Health Equity

Issue Education

Working in partnership with select committees, caucuses, legislators, legislative staff, and CLS members, we aim to foster robust state policy discussions to make your voice heard and to build productive relationships with high priority legislators across the state. In 2024, CLS will work with the Black, Latino, Women’s, and API legislative caucuses to host events centered on disparities in coverage for diseases and general care.

Health Equity
Health Equity
Health Equity

2023 CLS health equity event with the California Legislative Black Caucus focused on addressing treatment barriers for diabetes, heart & kidney disease, sickle cell.