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Membership Dues Structure

Corporations or other entities that use life sciences or related technologies for research and development of products or information.

Funding <$5M; fewer than 12 employees; pre-commercial:

Revenues <$100 Million:

Revenues >$100 Million

Academic, Research, Government, Non-Profits: Includes universities, community colleges, private research institutions, government agencies, and other non-profit organizations.

CLS is building a community of unlimited possibilities, where innovation thrives because our members work together to bring hope through innovation, hope that heals, hope that cures and hope that provides a brighter future for all of us. This community is a vibrant and diverse collection of people and companies that work together to deliver on those promises.

A key element of that innovation is supported through our service provider network. CLS service providers represent companies who support our racial and social equity efforts, STEM education and entrepreneurial programs, providing thought leading content and ensuring our member companies have access to the very best solutions at the very best prices.  CLS has levels of partnership available to ensure all companies have the opportunity to support our life sciences community.

Service Provider Membership (Published Dues): Service Providers are the backbone of innovation in the life sciences. These companies know just how important a robust, reliable and connected supply chain is to the life sciences ecosystem. For companies interested in being more engaged with our community we offer Strategic and Sustaining Partnerships.

Strategic Partner (Dues + Sponsorship): Strategic Partners are more than just companies who offer a product or service; they understand that innovation must be fostered and are willing to invest in our members by sponsoring CLS events. This level of commitment includes the benefits of the service provider membership tier plus additional support from our business development and programs teams to ensure sponsorship dollars have maximum impact.

Sustaining Partner (Dues, Sponsorship, Donation): Sustaining Partners are for companies that seek to take an active role in helping CLS deliver on our purpose with opportunities for participation in board level activities and committees. Sustaining Partners work closely with CLS staff to accelerate innovation and make a greater impact in our communities and the success of our industry. Sustaining Partners are given the opportunity to nominate an employee to the CLS Board of Directors.

(Board participation is not guaranteed and depends on availability and independent approval by the nominating committee. Length of time as a Sustaining Partner is considered when board seats become available)

Community Partners represent organizations with existing CLS affiliations and members (ie: Cost Savings, BIO Business Solutions) or are professional services firms that want to support our broader community outside of a traditional membership model. (Not board seat eligible).

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Questions About Membership?

Andrew Setikas
Chief Business Officer

CLS membership is available only to bona fide organizations that support the growth and development of the life sciences, and to organizations with public policy positions and business practices that are generally consistent with CLS’s mission, reputation, and policies and principles in support of innovation, including intellectual property, as determined by the CLS Board. CLS reserves the right to review applications for membership to confirm that the applicant meets these criteria for membership. CLS may, in its sole discretion, reject an application for membership or elect not to renew a membership.

Mergers and Acquisitions Policy: When two member organizations merge, dues will be the larger dues plus 75% of the smaller dues in the first year, 50% in the second year, and 25% in the third year.  Standard dues will apply in the fourth year.