First-time founders can learn how to prep a roadshow, fine tune their elevator pitch and hear best practices to close the deal on a Seed or Series A round with venture capital funds and/or angel investors through on-demand and live discussions. CLS has partnered with industry leaders who can offer practical tips to set up a successful funding round and strategy.

On Demand Library

Investor-Ready Pro Forma: How to translate the milestone plan into a financial story or investor-ready pro forma

Valuation Drivers: How investors would assess the value of your project

Avoiding Mistakes: Cap Tables and More: Understand the importance of cap tables and why they can be a challenge for investment from institutional investors

Mastering Due Diligence: How to analyze risks and mitigate uncertainties, improving potential for funding

Term Sheet Negotiation: What to watch and how to negotiate the financial terms of an investment

Roadshow Preparation Bootcamp: Success Factors for Engaging Investment at RESI JPM: Presented in partnership with Life Science Nation, this half-day bootcamp, will help startups with their roadshow preparation and engaging investment at RESI JPM.

Access to Capital: SBIR Grant Accounting & Management – How to Leverage Your Non-Dilutive Funding: This insightful webinar is on how to strategically position your company for SBIR (Small Business Innovation Research) funding.

Access to Capital: Navigate Funding Paths within the NCATS Small Business Program Phases: Speakers from the National Center for Advancing Translational Sciences (NCATS) in collaboration with California Life Sciences for a webinar to learn more about the Phase I and II SBIR/STTR programs for researchers and entrepreneurs in translational science, and current funding opportunities.

Unlocking the Path to Drug Development Success: A Webinar for Early-Stage Biotechs: This webinar, featuring Avance Clinical’s scientific and regulatory affairs experts from both Australia and the United States, will showcase the clinical trials landscape and regulatory frameworks that are essential for accelerating drug development programs towards global approval.

CLS’s three-part series, presented by Hogan Lovells, will provide the basics of government and commercial payer rules, offer hypotheticals that bring those rules to life, and help prepare you for the market’s evolving focus on value-delivery.

The Foundation: The Basics of Market Access and Why They Matter Before Phase IIIs
Part 1 provides foundation to the government and commercial payer landscape in relation to coverage, reimbursement, and pricing, and how those considerations can have a real-time impact on commercialization strategy. While there are a number of straightforward business considerations relevant to commercialization, the focus of this discussion will be legal and policy considerations, which typically are less readily known to biotechs at this earlier stage of drug development.

Bringing to Life: What Does an Early-Stage Market Access Strategy Look Like?
Using the foundations covered in Part 1, Part 2 walks through a series of hypotheticals that demonstrate why and how developers can create a market access strategy early in the clinical development process, including strategies for clinical trial design, likely investor inquiries, and competitive positioning.

Future-Proofing: How to Prepare a Value-Based Market Access Strategy
With an increasing focus on value delivery, Part 3 discusses the different ways to measure and demonstrate value, the interplay between FDA and CMS on such value propositions, and strategies for payer engagement.

Distinct Benefits at Industry Conferences

To aid our Members in their fundraising journeys and help them connect with Seed to Series B investors, channel and licensing partners, CLS has established formal collaborations at the most respected BD&L events around the country. CLS Members receive exclusive discounts and presentation opportunities throughout the year.