Through direct lobbying, public affairs campaigns, strategic collaborations and community programs, CLS works with government, industry, academia and other stakeholders to shape sound public policy that advances innovation, to promote equity and diversity, to support job creation and skills development and to advocate for all facets of the life sciences within the state of California and beyond.

Latest CLS Policy and Advocacy Updates

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Advocating for Congress to Establish a Rare Disease Center of Excellence

CLS joined the EveryLife Foundation in sending a letter to Congress, advocating for the inclusion of report language to establish...
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Amplifying Concerns with White House “March-In” Framework

As an advocate for strong life sciences intellectual property rights and a member of the Bayh Dole Coalition, CLS is...
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CMS Drops “Stacking” Provision in MDRP Rule

In a major win for the life sciences industry, we were pleased to see CMS release a statement last week...
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Council of State Biotech Associations Washington, D.C. Fly-In

On April 17, CLS participated in the CSBA’s annual fly-in on Capitol Hill. In meetings with the California delegation, CLS...
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Alameda City Council Vote

On April 16th, the Alameda City Council took up a proposed ordinance to ban animal testing on City owned or...
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Meet and Greet with David Montes, Sen. Padilla’s Chief of Staff

On Monday, March 18 CLS held a roundtable conversation with David Montes, Chief of Staff to Senator Alex Padilla (D-CA)....
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About Our Federal and State Advocacy Teams

CLS Advocacy BenefitsCalifornia Life Sciences’ team of experienced government relations professionals located in Sacramento, Washington, D.C., and throughout California’s regional municipalities, directly engage with policymakers on issues of critical importance to our members and the continued success of California’s life sciences sector. We engage on federal policy and regulatory items in accordance with the legislative priorities and recommendations of our membership including direct lobbying in Washington, D.C., position and coalition letters, comments and testimony.

The CLS Federal Legislative Committee (FLC) is the primary interface between our membership and identification of the policy items pertinent to CLS’s missions and objectives. The FLC meets monthly to discuss and develop positions and activities regarding federal legislative and regulatory issues of importance to our membership. The FLC also plays an integral role in the development of CLS’s annual federal policy, education, and advocacy agenda.

Our experienced state government relations team engages on behalf of the life sciences sector in multiple ways through strategic collaborations and direct lobbying in Sacramento to advance innovation, investment and job creation for California’s life sciences ecosystem.

In conjunction with the State Legislative Committee (SLC), we identify and develop position statements on issues of interest to CLS’ membership. This SLC group is composed of government affairs professionals at CLS member organizations.

In addition, we aim to favorably shape the policy environment for California’s life sciences industry by creating and leveraging a world class seamless advocacy, public affairs, and government relations program. The team advances a pro-innovation policy agenda, while ensuring patients have access to the right treatment at the right time.


California Life Sciences’ experienced local government relations team engages on behalf of the life sciences sector in multiple ways to advance the innovation, investment, and job creation for California’s life sciences ecosystem.

Local governmental bodies have an increasingly significant impact on the health and growth of California’s life sciences sector. To ensure our voice is heard, CLS provides representation and ensures ongoing dialogue between the industry and local elected officials and agencies throughout California.

Policy and Advocacy News

Overriding patent rights will harm California’s life sciences innovation

Dec 8, 2023

December 8, 2023 California Life Sciences President & CEO Mike Guerra releases statement on Biden Administration’s Proposed Framework on March-in rights: “California Life Sciences is discouraged by the Biden administration’s..

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