Mission: To be a catalyst for life sciences innovation, bolster our CA community, and help entrepreneurs build successful ventures by offering advisory, complementary programs and access to capital to first-time founders with early-stage innovative, transformational projects.

Purpose: To propel the use of biological sciences to develop innovative and impactful solutions that benefit society and maintain California’s leadership in life sciences innovation.

Who We Serve

Company Types:

  • Pre-seed stage companies
  • Seed stage companies
  • Series A companies
  • Diverse and women first-time founders
  • Academic/corporate spin-offs
  • Non-U.S. clusters seeking pre-commercial foothold in CA

Technology Focus:

  • Biotech /Therapeutics/ Drug Discovery
  • Delivery Platforms
  • Diagnostics and Precision Medicine
  • Medical Devices
  • Research Tools, Translational Tools (Organoids)
  • Medtech/ Digital Health

Startup Advisory Program | FAST California (10-year track record)

FAST California provides founders of disruptive innovative life science technology companies with a customized advisory program to perfect their business models, assess strategic focus, maximize IP and help develop a milestone and scale-up plan to exit. A group of curated advisors, each with deep domain expertise, will work with them over twelve weeks to build a compelling commercialization strategy and prepare them for an Innovation Showcase to a curated audience of potential investors and collaboration partners.
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Positioning for Capital | Workshops

Positioning for CapitalFirst-time founders learn what it takes to close the deal on a Seed or Series A round with venture capital funds and/or angel investors. Case study discussions and other practical tips to set up a successful funding round and strategy, including negotiation tips with lead investors and other insights in a series of five recorded workshops.
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Access to Capital | Discounts to Partnering Conferences

Pitch presentationThrough our Innovation Showcases and exclusive opportunities for our members at industry leading partnering and investor conferences, CLS connects early-stage innovators with funding sources, mentorship, and opportunities to present to the industry.

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CLS Innovation Showcase

CLS’s Innovation Showcase (held twice a year at the conclusion of the FAST spring and fall program), creates a unique experience for the start-up community to spotlight FAST graduates and California’s entrepreneurship. Audience attendance of approximately 300+ life science stakeholders including biopharma representatives, investors, key advisors, expert service providers. Join us Dec. 12, 2023.

Founders Channel | Peer-to-Peer Resource Exchange

This bi-monthly newsletter designed for life science founders seeking resources, programs, thought leadership, discounts and access to networking events, and curated opportunities to support you in your fundraising quest. Join our mailing list here. Read the latest edition here.

US Market Access | International Fee for Service Projects

International connection CLS provides non-U.S.-based clusters seeking to grow their regional economies with the resources and counsel to establish a commercial foothold in U.S. markets and connects them to the resources required to develop subsidiaries or commercial spin-offs in the United States.

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Interested in Learning More?

Sibylle Hauser
Executive Director, Innovation and Entrepreneurship
[email protected]
619 504 0183
Shikha Sharma, PhD
Senior Director, Innovation and Entrepreneurship
[email protected]
510 384 9108