California Life Sciences is proud to support Kits Cubed, a youth-led, nonprofit organization based in Oakland, CA, whose mission is to introduce youth to the wonders of science through fun, affordable, and accessible means. Since its start, Kits Cubed has grown into a dedicated team of young leaders committed to equalizing STEM education and nurturing the inner scientist within everyone.

How Kits Cubed Works

Since 2020, Kits Cubed has been dedicated to igniting the inner scientist in every child and cultivating a passion for learning. Based in Oakland, CA our organization is driven by a deep passion for giving back to our local community.

One of our core initiatives involves donating our science kits to schools, providing students with the opportunity to participate in hands-on learning experience and cultivate a genuine passion for scientific exploration. We have donated over 40,000 kits so far in our effort to make STEM education accessible to all students.

Since our establishment, we have garnered tremendous support from various organizations throughout the Bay Area. In addition to our kit donation efforts, we have expanded our reach by forming partnerships with the community. This has allowed us to organize a diverse array of events, including summer camps, STEM Days, STEM Fairs, and many other exciting activities.

Through these endeavors, we aim to create inclusive spaces where students can engage with STEM subjects. By fostering a supportive environment and offering diverse learning opportunities, we strive to empower young minds, spark their curiosity, and fuel their enthusiasm for science and discovery.

As we grow, we hope to continue to forge more partnerships and together reach more students.

Learn more about Kits Cubed here.

Inspiring Future Scientists at the 2023 Kits Cubed STEM Fair

For a third year, through its racial and social equity work, CLS has sponsored the Kits Cubed STEM Fair. Held in Oakland, the CLS booth featured a magnetic slime experiment and the team enjoyed seeing the children engage with science up close.

Kits Cubed Founder Ahmed Muhammad Celebrated at 2022 Pantheon

Kits Cubed 2022 PantheonAt the 2022 Pantheon Awards, California Life Sciences was proud to celebrate Kits Cubed founder Ahmed Muhammad, who won the Inspiring Future Leader award.

California Life Sciences Supports Inaugural Kits Cubed STEM Fair

California Life Sciences supported Kits Cubed’s first STEM Fair for Bay Area students, a fun afternoon which included science demos, special guests, and at the very end, a raffle with amazing prizes! Most importantly, Kits Cubed gave away 1,000 of their self-designed science kits to Oakland Unified School District Elementary students. California Life Sciences is excited to champion future scientists and support Kits Cubed’s mission to introduce youth to the wonders of science through fun, affordable, and accessible means.