We have all joined this industry, in this great and diverse state of California, because we believe this to be true: Doing the right thing is good business. Our purpose is to enhance and save lives for all people around the world. This inspires us every day. To that end, we believe our leadership, our teams, our innovations, and our investments must reflect the diverse populations we are meant to serve.

The Racial & Social Equity Initiative is our bold plan to commit to change, a unified effort to do more for the historically excluded Black, Indigenous and other People of Color (BIPOC) populations in California.

Talent. Innovation. Access.

Our members who have committed to change:



The following programs are currently supported by the Racial and Social Equity Initiative. We continue to expand our activities so we can broaden and deepen our impact.

RSE Career Connections Summit
CLSA Inspire QuickFire Challenge For Diverse Innovators
FAST MedTechColor
Science Empowerment Initiative
Kits Cubed

“We realize our plan is not perfect and most certainly not enough, we have to get started, to learn, and to continually evolve. For all that we get wrong or fall short, we implore our members, and everyone we are meant to serve, to join our dialogue and help us continue to improve so we can broaden and deepen our impact.”

Melinda Richter, Global Head of Johnson & Johnson Innovation, JLABS, and Board Chair, California Life Sciences