RSE Career Connections Summit with Slone Partners’ ENVISION invites underrepresented students to embark on a career navigation journey supported by industry professionals and prospective mentors. In addition to learning about an expanded range of science-related careers, the quarterly virtual summits are designed to provide students with practical career navigation tools and connections to help them embark on their science careers.

Industry professionals who participate in the summits will have the opportunity to introduce their companies and their career journeys, while forging connections with diverse student talent. Interested industry professionals will also learn how to become ENVISION mentors.

CLS is launching its first RSE Career Connections Summit with Slone Partners ENVISION Mentoring Program on August 9 for 50-75 underrepresented high school and undergraduate students and industry professionals.

Each Summit Will Consist of:

STEM Career Snapshots

Short introductions from industry professionals designed to expand students’ perceptions of STEM careers by exposing them to a variety of roles and functions.

Career Navigation Tools

Engaging workshops delivered by industry professionals designed to equip students with practical tools to begin and augment their STEM career journey, such as: Making Your STEM Resume Pop; Building Your Brand through LinkedIn; Finding Your Next Internship; Interviewing & other Job Search Secrets.

Career Connections

Intimate networking groups will facilitate industry-student and peer-to-peer introductions between high school students, undergraduates, and industry professionals, with the goal to expose students to potential career opportunities.

Inaugural RSE Career Connections Summit

What The first summit will focus on Making Your Stem Resume Pop, in addition to an opening career panel and networking break-out sessions.
  • 50-75 underrepresented high school and undergraduate students in CA and beyond;
  • Industry professionals seeking access to diverse talent
Topic Making Your STEM Resume Pop
When Monday, August 9, 12:00 – 1:30 PM PT / 3:00 – 4:30 PM ET via Zoom

(Students w/out Resumes will be invited to a Virtual Resume Building Workshop on Aug. 3 w/ Kelly Services)

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Lori Lindburg
SVP, Innovation & Inclusion

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