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Call For Content Submissions

California Life Sciences is preparing for our next issue of our digital magazine, Life Sciences Insights. For our summer edition, we’ll be exploring the topic of environmental sustainability.

Many life sciences organizations not only have sustainability initiatives, but are also developing technologies and tools to address and adapt to global climate change. We want to hear from our members that are taking a holistic approach and doing the work in innovative and impactful ways.

We invite your organization to submit a thought leadership article exploring:

  • Your ambitious climate targets
  • How you’re investing in sustainability
  • What have you achieved? Tell us about your success stories
  • What’s working? What challenges persist?
  • What is the biggest need for improvement within the life sciences sector?
  • Your work to mitigate climate change

Life Sciences Insights welcomes pieces that demonstrate thought leadership, and submissions should emphasize that goal rather than endorsements of organizations, products, or services.


The deadline for article submission is no later than June 12.

Please notify us if you plan to participate, and submit your articles to [email protected]


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