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California Life Sciences is excited to have its members share their expertise through a variety of vehicles, including articles, tools & resources for its website. Members can now submit their articles, whitepapers, blogs or announcements.

R&D Tax Credits and the Orphan Drug Credit: Key Differences and Benefits

By California Life Sciences Member: Moss Adams

Two of the most lucrative tax credits available to life sciences companies are the R&D credit and orphan drug credit (ODC). Both incentives provide companies with immediate or future tax benefits intended to reduce the cost of their development operations. Read more…

Micronoma, University of New South Wales Tackle Liver Cancer with $4 Million Grant

By California Life Sciences Member: Micronoma

Micronoma, the first cancer detection company to harness tumor-associated circulating microbial biomarkers to diagnose cancer at an early stage via microbiome-driven liquid biopsy technology, today announced a collaboration with the University of New South Wales, Sydney for a $4 million grant from the Australian Government to fund research into hepatocellular carcinoma, the most common type of primary liver cancer. Read more…

Public Markets Reflect Long-Term Growth Opportunity for Life Sciences Companies

By California Life Sciences Member: RSM 

Don’t miss out on the latest life sciences insights from RSM Senior Analysts Adam Lohr and Steve Kemler. In this edition of The Real Economy: Industry Outlook, they share data-driven insights on market trends and emerging issues facing life sciences companies. Read more…

What is Low-Volume, High-Complexity Manufacturing?

By California Life Sciences Member: Goddard

One of the trickiest transitions within the product development process is when a product’s design is gearing up for manufacturing. It’s one thing to look at a design’s renderings or prototypes – but production is when things start to feel very real. One way to ease the transition to manufacturing is by partnering with a product developer that can also handle low-volume, high-complexity manufacturing. Read more…

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