The FAST Program provides select entrepreneurs with intensive team review and coaching to perfect their business model, product development plans, and to build a compelling commercialization strategy. Emerging innovators benefit from the advice and counsel of industry veterans – custom-selected from the FAST network of over 425 professionals comprised of entrepreneurs, product, and business experts (i.e., clinical development, regulatory, reimbursement, and business development specialists) – during the twelve-week program. The program culminates with a Final FAST Showcase and Reception where FAST companies present to a distinguished audience of potential investors and collaboration partners.

FAST directly serves 8-12 companies each year; an additional 20-30 startup applicants receive referrals and other advising to help them become “FAST”- ready.

Application to the FAST program is on a rolling basis.

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Our Impact

Here what recent FAST graduates have to say:

“The diversity of our FAST advisors’ domain expertise allowed our small team to work through multiple obstacles and opportunities, from technical to legal. Their advice was instrumental in preparing ourselves for external meetings regarding intellectual property and strategic partnerships.” (Alex from Xiretsa)

“The FAST program set our team up with a world class advisory team that exploded our growth through robust discussion and an amazing network of connections that we were able to leverage. The opportunity to discuss strategy and development decisions with industry veterans was crucial for our team which came from mostly academic backgrounds. We have grown so much as a company thanks to the FAST program!” (Marco from Catena)

“The feedback from our advisory board was critical to helping us shape up our pitch and hone our thinking around business strategy. The plurality of perspectives represented on our advisory board, from business to team building to research, was invaluable in helping us articulate our vision. I would highly recommend this program to early-stage companies who would like someone to kick the tires of their venture before entering a fundraising process.” (Anna from Rubik)

FAST by the Numbers

FAST Program Timeline

March 15, 2022 – FAST Spring Opening Showcase, Virtual
April 19, 2022 – FAST Connections, Virtual
April 21, 2022 – FAST Connections, Virtual
June 21, 2022 – FAST Spring Closing Showcase, Virtual
July 6, 2022 – FAST Connections, San Diego
July 7, 2022 – FAST Connections, South San Francisco
September 7, 2022– FAST Fall Opening Showcase, San Diego
September 8, 2022 – FAST Fall Opening Showcase, South San Francisco
October 12, 2022 – FAST Connections, San Diego
October 13, 2022 – FAST Connections, South San Francisco
December 13, 2022 – FAST Fall Closing Showcase, San Francisco

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Fall FAST 2021 Companies

  • Disati Medical | Disati Medical is developing monitoring technology that quantifies breathing effort to promote early detection of respiratory failure and aid clinicians in management decisions for patients battling acute respiratory illnesses.
  • JUAD NextGen | JUAD NGNE, a California Limited Liability Company, is pioneering the next generation of neuroendovascular theranostic devices for applications in neurologic disorders and disease to address clinical unmet needs where the harm-to-benefit ratio of invasive diagnostics and therapeutics impacts the threshold to clinically indicated and timely treatment resulting in delays to definitive therapy adversely impacting long-term outcomes.
  • Nano PharmaSolutions, Inc. | Nano PharmaSolutions, Inc.’s’ vision is to make good drugs great by improving the bioavailability using our proprietary NanoTransformer technology.
  • OncoXome | OncoXome is an oncology startup whose objective is to bring to patients with advanced cancer an innovative multitarget therapeutic approach hacking cell communication and using gene editing to overcome cancer resistance.
  • Parallel Bio | Accelerating the development of curative immunotherapies.
  • V-Flow Medical | V-Flow Medical’s mission is to provide clinicians with appropriate tools to diagnose and appropriately treat pelvic vein compressions, restoring optimal blood flow to the heart.

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New FAST MedTechColor Track Fall 2021

As part of the CLS Racial & Social Equity Initiative and a new collaboration with MedTechColor, CLS selected Dr. Jose Morales, founder of JUAD NextGen, from the 2021 MedtechColor Pitch Competition for the Fall 2021 FAST Program. The MedTech Color (MTC) Annual Pitch Competition, aims to celebrate innovative ideas from early-stage start-up companies who have raised less than one million dollars – providing finalists with not only direct funding, but mentorship from medtech industry leaders.

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