CLS has partnered with the HUB International Life Sciences Specialty Practice to provide a self-insured health insurance plan, created specifically for CLS members to help them better manage and spread the risk and expense of medical and prescription costs.

Join CLS and HUB International team April 18 at 9am PT for an information session and discover how CLS Insured can help you break free from the limitations of traditional insurance models and achieve greater control and flexibility over your benefits strategy. Register here.

Why Employers are Switching to Self-Insured

Innovative co-operative (captive) blends the advantages of self-insuring with the protective elements of a fully-insured plan

Only pay for the healthcare consumed by your plan participant

Full transparency of where healthcare dollars are going

Get out of the compounding growth model of annual renewal increases

Receive tens or even hundreds of thousands of dollars in Rx rebates annually

Who qualifies?

✔️ Life science companies with 100–1,500 eligible U.S. employees
✔️ Life science firms and organizations
✔️Must be or become a CLS member to participate

Did you know that as your state-wide trade association, CLS has a curated a tapestry of collaborations that offer negotiated discounts on the products and services essential to running your organization efficiently- some of which you may already be using but could be saving more. We have selected HUB International, a leading insurance broker together with the largest captive in the marketplace, to offer exclusive features and benefits that you can’t scale with other insurance providers serving the life sciences industry.