CLSA Welcomes Our Newest Members!


CLSA’s diverse membership base of life sciences companies and organizations grows each month as we welcome the world’s most promising entrepreneurial start-ups, research institutions, investors and the full spectrum of life sciences, therapeutics, medical device and diagnostic companies that are addressing global health challenges; digital health innovators that are using technology to transform healthcare; agricultural companies improving the safety and security of our food supply; and bioindustrial organizations energizing a more sustainable world.

Adaptive Biotechnologies
Adcentrx Therapeutics
Alpha 5 Integrin LLC
AltruBio Inc.
Ascella Biosystems
Avanir Pharmaceuticals
Binacea Pharma Inc.
BioMed Realty
Biotech Connection – Bay Area
BridgeBio Pharma
Cardiff Advisory
Chansu Vascular Technologies, LLC.
Danforth Advisors
Deepcell Inc
Defender SD Manufacturing, LLC
Dendreon Pharmaceuticals LLC
Doloromics, Inc.
Drugs & Diagnostics for Tropical Diseases
eClinical Solutions
Eikon Therapeutics
Emergent BioSolutions
Epigenome Technologies
Excellergy, Inc.
Flightpath Biosciences, Inc
Foundery Innovations
GenapSys, Inc.
Hexagon Bio
Hologic, Inc.
Interline Therapeutics
Iovance Biotherapeutics, Inc.
MRI Global
Novartis Biome
Panora Biosciences, Inc
Parallel Health, Inc.
PrognomiQ Inc.
PTC Therapeutics, Inc.
Regel Therapeutics
RemeGen BioSciences
Revelation Biosciences
Rubik Therapeutics
Scale Biosciences, Inc.
Slone Partners
Tradewind BioScience, Inc.
TumorGen, Inc.