Meet the 2023 FAST Spring cohort of companies! FAST California provides early-stage first-time founders of disruptive innovative life science technology companies with a customized advisory program to perfect their business models, assess strategic focus, maximize IP and help develop a milestone and scale-up plan to exit. A group of curated advisors, each with deep domain expertise, will work with them over twelve weeks to build a compelling commercialization strategy and prepare them for an Innovation Showcase to a curated audience of potential investors and collaboration partners. The CLS FAST program is open to companies that have no more than 12 employees, have raised less than $5 million, are precommercial, and are developing highly innovative, impactful products.

BCN Biosciences

Pre-IND precision oncology biotech, targeting RAS mutant cancers through the novel mechanism of PTEN restoration.

Flexperc Medical

Full stack percutaneous intervention robot to improve outcome and efficiency.

GelSana Therapeutics, Inc.

We are engineering highly elastic wound dressing hydrogels which can stretch and conform across any wound, reduce inflammation through their polymer chemistry, prevent infection, and have the ability to provide sustained drug delivery over time; all towards providing much needed new solutions for chronic wound healing in particular.

Immunova Therapeutics LLC

Immunova Therapeutics LLC is an early-stage startup company focused on novel therapeutic cancer vaccines, CAR-T and TCR-T cell immunotherapy.

Jaan Biotherapeutics LLC

Jaan Biotherapeutics LLC is a biotechnology company developing first-in-class microRNA targeting treatments for heart diseases

JAL Therapeutics

JAL Therapeutics is a preclinical stage life sciences company, focused on drug development for the treatment of Alzheimer’s disease and other chronic conditions.


Level 42 AI is introducing easy high performance point-of-need devices that harvest novel data for AI extraction of health information and interpretation for accurate screening, early disease detection, and easy/fast/low-cost diagnostics.


Minutia is a next generation cell therapy company dedicated to revolutionizing diabetes treatment through the transplantation of insulin-producing cells combined with nanosensors.

Paramag Biosciences

ParaMag Biosciences is a pre-clinical stage company focused on the discovery and development of novel therapeutics to diagnose and treat Protein Misfolding Diseases.

Scopi Medical

Scopi is a medical technology startup bringing point of care diagnostic imaging to patients and practitioners to address misdiagnosis of rhinosinusitis.

Siege Pharmaceuticals

Siege is developing synthetic sphingolipids that leverage natural programs to fight metabolic disease and cancer.

Synthis Therapeutics

Synthis Therapeutics has developed a first in class, cell targeted TGF-b therapeutic platform to treat cancer and fibrotic diseases.