Notable Labs – Translating AI to real-world outcomes: Unlocking the future of drug development at Notable Labs


Based in the technology-rich California San Francisco Bay Area, Notable Labs is pioneering the integration of artificial intelligence (AI) into predictive precision medicine, offering an innovative approach to patient-centric drug development. Grounded in machine learning, their platform, exemplified in the assessment of patient responses to venetoclax in combination with decitabine in Acute Myeloid Leukemia (AML), exhibited greater predictive precision outcomes compared to traditional methods. This was showcased at the 2023 American Association for Cancer Research annual meeting.

This integration of AI into drug development is characterized by the generation of expansive datasets from leukemia samples, contributing to a comprehensive understanding of drug efficacy. This approach can be particularly beneficial when the mechanistic aspects of drug action in the target cells are unclear, allowing AI to navigate complex datasets without a priori knowledge of specific cellular biology as it relates to the drugs studied.

Notable emphasizes the significance of their primary dataset created from patient samples, underscoring its role in capturing the inherent heterogeneity essential for precision medicine. The scope of AI at Notable extends beyond their initial model predicting response to venetoclax in combination with decitabine. The Company envisions that AI will continue to play a role to build predictive models for additional drugs, such as Volasertib, a PLK1 inhibitor being developed by Notable. In fact, Notable has been focusing AI on measuring cancer response (rather than cancer molecular aberrations) with over 150 drugs and combination regimens in hematologic cancers as well as some solid tumors. Thus, Notable is bringing biology back to computational sciences. Effectively predicting response–accurately and with high precision–translates into higher response rates, better outcomes, speed and cost-efficiency compared to traditional drug development. Applied AI contributes to drug development risk reduction, faster development, and greater cost-efficiencies.

In the context of the life sciences industry in California, Notable’s work promises a significant impact. By confirming methods in four independent studies, they are moving drug development toward a more personalized approach. Doing so helps patients avoid ineffective treatments, ultimately reducing side effects, and potentially increasing the cost-effectiveness of therapy. By integrating AI into drug development, Notable aligns with the broader scientific community’s pursuit of innovative solutions for more effective and tailored healthcare. As AI becomes an increasingly integral part of drug development protocols, AI-driven methods allow the Notable Predictive Precision Medicine Platform (PPMP) to match drugs to clinical responders with high precision, yielding higher response rates and better patient outcomes.

 Submitted by Chris Leonardi, Head of Clinical Alliances and Partnerships, Notable Labs